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If you are already a Registered NetClient CS users, click the link to login:

NetClient CS

As a valued client of Snow Garrett Williams, NetClient CS users can exchange files in a secure environment with our staff.

NetClient CS enables our clients to access their accounting and tax files and work with us from any high-speed internet connection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Using NetClient CS is as easy as online banking or shopping, and it's completely secure,

Once you're up and running on NetClient CS, you will have your own secure, password protected online portal which allows us to work together more efficiently by securely exhanging working documents and very large files.

A NetClient CS portal allows you to:

• View and print tax documents, including finished tax returns and more
• Exchange files with us - any file, any time
• Web Organizer - allows you to complete your tax organizer online

To get started with NetClient CS today, please fill out below form.  Once submitted an invitation will be emailed to you from us with a link to register.  

Use this form to sign up for NetClient CS
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Uploading Documents to your NetClient CS Portal:

Before you begin please confirm that you have saved a copy of the files you are intending to upload.  For a QuickBooks file please save a portable copy or backup copy to a location that you can browse to.  If you need assistance backing up your QuickBooks file please contact us directly.  

Uploading a file:
1. Click the NetClient CS Icon at the top of the page or click here to login.
1. Select File Exchange on the left side of the screen.
2. Select the available folder. (i.e. Tax Information, Source Documents)
3. Select Upload.

   a. Files can be dragged and dropped into the box and then when all desired files are in the box, click on Start upload.
   b. Click on Add files and browse to select desired files.  When all desired files are in the box, click on Start upload.

5. Verify that the desired files appear in the listing.

Congratulations, you have completed uploading your files.  You may log out or feel free to navigate your account to become familiar with other areas.  As always feel free to contact us at or 817-596-9301 if you have any questions.